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Mushroom Production Plants

Gokser Machine produces process air control units of mushroom production farms for the mushroom cultivation sector. Since many years growing mushroom with our mushroom equipments and mushroom machinery is a art of growing in Turkey and in Middle East Countries. White button mushrooms are growing in these mushroom farms safely.

We provide all mushroom farm equipments and machinery and all services related to and know how of mushroom projects.

One of the most important factor effects the mushroom quality is process air control units. According to the capacity of Mushroom Production Rooms process air control units are designed and operated sucsesfully for years with referance to the altitude of the area, location, humudity rate and geographical information etc

Mushroom growing industry is a leading sector of restaurants and hotels cuisine. Gokser mushroom farm equiment systems have some important factors different than the other standard air control units. First of all, all the system are designed by a special material which resist to the humudity.

During the mushroom production not to have any disruption is very crutial in terms of yield. Since all the system is assembled on a main chassis, a quick interference can be possible in case of malfuntion.

The radial ventilators in air control systems are manufactured as forward curved blades (dense blades) and made up of a different material which coated by a special formula and resist to humudity. By this way inner circulation air has with highest humudity rate no effects to the fan.

Hot water tank radiator or burner heat systems can be used as a heat source needed for the air conditioning. On the other hand depends on the number of the rooms central chiller system or  gas fluid cooler system can be used as cold air source.

All system are designed to connect to the computerized control system. Computer control unit is optional. This control system sends signals from mushroom production rooms to central control unit by sensors.
According to these data getting from sensors, computer controls the process air control system and keeps the inputs at the optimum level during productionof mushrooms. This causes to increase the yield and quality of the mushroom production. As a result, the healthy and fruitful mushrooms are produced with, less qualified manpower, without any human fault, and at the lowest risks.

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